Property Management Done Properly

When you buy a car, the price is important, but so too is the way it performs: How much will it cost to run? How safe is it etc? You may not buy the cheapest car - but the one that has the best combination of performance and features.

When you buy a holiday, the cost is important. But so is the quality of the accommodation, the time of the flights, the availability of activities etc. You may not buy the cheapest holiday, but the one which provides the best overall value.

When you choose a letting agent, we know the cost is important as it is with everything we buy. But you also need to consider how well the agent will perform their duties.

At James Edward Lettings, we know that the condition of a property can easily deteriorate over the course of a tenancy if it’s not properly looked after. We also know that you can’t always rely on tenants to report maintenance issues that could be contributing to, or even causing, such deterioration. So, we’ve made it our duty to deliver a comprehensive and pro-active property management service with the sole focus of ensuring that our landlords properties are maintained to the standard they deserve, and their tenants kept happy.

So what do we do differently that makes us stand out? Here’s a summary:

Prior to Tenancy Commencement

  • Firstly, we ensure that we’ve selected the best quality of tenant for your property, not just the first one that comes along.
  • We see that tenants undergo a strict and thorough referencing process with additional background checks carried out.
  • We have the tenants sign our ARLA approved tenancy agreement.
  • We have a very comprehensive and detailed inventory and schedule of condition produced by a third party and provided to the tenants on the move in day.
  • We handover guidance notes, information leaflets, and a tenants handbook which outlines measures to keep the property in good condition.
  • We provide a photocopied key receipt of all keys handed over.
  • We ensure a signature is obtained from the tenants to acknowledge receipt of the above and that they fully understand the expectations placed on them during their tenancy.
Prior to Tenancy Commencement

During the Tenancy

  • We conduct a pro-active property inspection within the first SIX WEEKS of the tenancy.
  • We send you a report complete with photos and notes so you can see how your property’s being looked after.
  • We revisit should any issues be found that we’re not happy with and address with tenants accordingly.
  • We then arrange further inspections throughout the course of the tenancy at four month intervals.
  • We pay your rent to you on the same day it’s received (unless this falls on a weekend or after 3pm, then we pay the following working day).
  • We qualify any maintenance issues that are reported and attempt to diagnose the problem properly before suggesting the best course of action.
  • We arrange quotes for repairs free of charge or for a contractor to attend – whichever is necessary and preferred by you.
  • We keep you and your tenants informed of what action is being taken and regularly updated until the issue is resolved.
  • We commence renewal dialogue well in advance of the tenancy expiry date so as to make sure we’re well prepared should tenants not wish to stay in the property for another term.
  • We prepare and deliver possession notices if required, free of charge.
  • We will arrange any quotes for works that might be necessary before a new tenancy so works can be lined up as soon as the property is vacated so as to minimise any void periods.
  • We will report to HMRC quarterly if you’re non UK resident.

Once the Tenancy Has Ended

  • We have a check-out inspection carried out by a third party and full report provided.
  • We swiftly review the report and make suggestions for deposit deductions if and where necessary and send the report to you.
  • We keep you and the tenants fully informed of the status of their deposit return at all times.
  • We handle utility account handovers and mail forwarding at no extra cost.
Once the Tenancy Has Ended

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